Wastewater Treatment Operator

(hourly pay range - $24.01 - $27.44)

Western Lake Superior Sanitary District (WLSSD), a nationally recognized leader in environmental protection and pollution prevention seeks to fill an opening for a Wastewater Treatment Operator.

Minimum Qualifications

Possess two years of full-time equivalent work experience in a large wastewater treatment plant (greater than 1.0 MGD flow) or a combination of education in wastewater treatment, water quality, chemistry, biology or environmental technology and the above work experience which totals four years. Possess an MPCA “D” Wastewater Operator Certificate (a class “C” certificate is desirable).

Job Functions

During an assigned shift, an operator performs the designated duties and tasks assigned by the O/M supervisor, lead worker or process operator to efficiently and safely operate the assigned process machinery, equipment and facilities of clean water production; including but not limited to oxygen production systems, liquid oxygen backup systems, influent wastewater pumps, bar screens, grit removal systems, oxygen dissolution systems, settling tanks, effluent filters, air compressors, odor control systems, disinfection systems, chemical feed systems, pumps, motors, controllers, sludge thickeners, sludge digestion equipment, dewatering equipment, and associated equipment to maintain effluent discharge within the NPDES permit. 

Performs all related operational tasks in controlling assigned equipment (including adjustments and modifications as prescribed by departmental policy), which may include some coordination of the activities of another operator on the assigned shift. Reports problems and incidents as prescribed by departmental policy and procedures; takes independent action to deal with emergency situations, including all reporting and notification and ensures that all procedures are followed. Responsible for communication with other departments and operators to provide necessary information for the various different process problems, emergencies and routine updates. 

Accomplishes all assigned preventive maintenance tasks, including informal checks to the standards established by the O/M supervisor or lead worker. Performs maintenance and repair of process equipment and facilities to maintain operational efficiency. Troubleshoots, makes checks, and takes appropriate action to ensure that equipment and process failures are minimized. Makes confined space entries as necessary. Reads meters, gauges and other recording devices and records such data accurately and completely to ensure that complete records are retained; notes events, security breaches and problems as prescribed in departmental policies; samples process streams and performs process control tests according to established procedures and in reaction to emergency situations. 

Performs cleaning duties and other related projects to maintain clean and orderly conditions in the District facilities; maintains a constant awareness of safe work practices; ensures compliance with the District Safety Program to complete work without accidents or injuries; attends in-service training as required by the O/M supervisor or lead worker; assists in the training and education of other operators and employees. Provides on-the-job training, general instruction and specific training as required. 

Maintains plant security and plant integrity for the entire complex after normal business hours. Notifies Senior Treatment Plant Operator when abnormal conditions exist in any area which the operator is not normally responsible for.

Application Process

Please submit an application and resume to: Human Resources , WLSSD, 2626 Courtland Street, Duluth, MN 55806, by the closing date.

Close Date


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