2013 Tree-cycling Gears Up with Multiple Locations

Duluth, MN- WLSSD and area partners recently kicked off the annual Treecycling program with multiple locations and a convenient 24-hour format. Area residents are encouraged to recycle their fresh-cut holiday trees during Treecycling-offering free holiday tree recycling at convenient sites throughout the region.

“Holiday trees, like yard and garden waste, are banned from the trash in Minnesota,” said Lori Blais, an environmental coordinator for WLSSD.  “These materials contain valuable resources that can be reclaimed through Treecycling. Collected trees will be beneficially re-used as fuel, to line paths, mulch garden beds or for other purposes, while recovering resources and saving landfill space.”

This year’s event offers a variety of convenient tree recycling sites-all open for extended periods of time. The extended timeline and additional locations will help area residents to properly dispose of their fresh-cut holiday trees during times most convenient to them.

Six sites are already open for tree dropoff  through January 10th:

  • Chester Bowl (parking lot by playground)
  • Lester Park (parking lot by playground)
  • Duluth Heights Community Club (parking lot across the street)
  • Woodland Community Club (lower parking lot off Woodland Ave)
  • Rose Garden (parking lot)
  • City of Duluth West Toolhouse (on Commonwealth Avenue)

Two sites in Carlton County are open through January 14th:

  • SAPPI Fine Paper (Cloquet)
  • Moose Lake Compost Site

Four more sites are open through January 31st:

  • Demo-licious (West Duluth),
  • VEIT/Demolition Landfill Services (in the Gary neighborhood)
  • WLSSD Yard Waste Compost Site (off 27th Avenue West)
  • WLSSD Materials Recovery Center (off Rice Lake Road)

This marks the second year that no one-day Treecycling events will be hosted in the Duluth area. “The addition of more long-term Treecycling sites has proven beneficial for residents,” said Anderson.  “The Treecycling dropoff sites are conveniently located in many neighborhoods and allow for Treecycling at a time that works with peoples’ busy schedules.”

A single one-day event will still occur on January 5, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Superior, Wisconsin in the north parking lot of the Superior Target store. Details about the Treecycling program are referenced at

Those recycling fresh-cut trees are reminded to remove all ornaments and tree stands before bringing trees to a Treecycling location.  Wreaths, garland and other decorations made from evergreen branches are not recyclable and should be thrown in the trash.

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