A Burning Desire to Recycle

When events like weddings or concerts happen, a lot of garbage gets created that people don’t think too much about. WLSSD does our part to provide residents with the information and resources they need to make recycling at local events as simple as possible.

At WLSSD we know that effective event recycling is not easy, but things could be worse. How is garbage and recycling managed during catastrophic events like the wildfires that burn throughout the American West each summer?

An Oregon based company, Triple Flare Recycling, is one of the first companies to address this question.

As a former Forest Service firefighter, I can attest to the fact that a TON of garbage is created during wildfire events. For perspective, a single large wildfire might host thousands of firefighters for weeks or months while they battle the flames. Those folks need to be supplied with food, drinks, and equipment, which all have lots of packaging. And when a fire is raging, the last thing on the mind of a firefighter is where their garbage ends up.

Gatorade bottles and MRE packages account for a lot of the garbage produced, and most of that can be recycled. In fact, Triple Flare estimates that up to 70 percent of waste generated on fires is recyclable, which would include organic waste that can be composted. And on just one large fire in Oregon they recovered 10,000 bottles each week and 7 cubic yards of cardboard daily. That’s a lot of recycling on a single fire!

Thanks to innovative companies like Triple Flare Recycling, firefighters can focus on their jobs while the recycling experts worry about keeping recyclable products out of the forests and landfills.

Interestingly, Triple Flare Recycling got its start by working less-chaotic events like weddings and concerts, much like the kind of events WLSSD supports in our region. Whether it is a fun weekend event or a catastrophic wildfire event, recycling can be an afterthought if information and resources are not available. That is why making recycling easy is so important to recover valuable resources at any event, catastrophic or benign.

If you have an event coming up and would like help making event recycling as simple as possible, contact WLSSD for more details!



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