Bids and Proposals

Goods and Services

WLSSD purchases a wide variety of goods and services in order to successfully operate its regional wastewater treatment plant and solid waste services.

Purchase of goods and services under $100,000 requires at least 2 quotes and at times a sealed bid. Any purchase over $100,000 will involve a formal bid process. A legal advertisement is placed in the Duluth News Tribune and appropriate trade journals at least 14 days prior to the last day for submission of bids.

Contact the WLSSD Purchasing Department at 218-722-3336 for more information about submitting bids, proposals or quotations.

1405 BID (2020) Admin Building 9 Security Improvements March 10, 2020

Professional Services

Professional services that will not exceed $50,000 within one year may be solicited without bids or quotes. These include engineering, legal, architectural or accounting services. Additional WLSSD Board approval is required if the amount exceeds $50,000.

Construction Projects

Construction projects are formally bid. Project bid documents are available through Quest. Contact Quest for free membership registration and assistance with project document downloads.

Contractors working at WLSSD facilities are expected to follow all WLSSD safety policies or their own safety policies if more stringent. WLSSD Contractor Safety and Health

An explanation of hazards at WLSSD and basic expectations for contractor safety plans will be given to all companies awarded contracts for work at WLSSD.