Making Connections to the Sewer

Western Lake Superior Sanitary District’s (WLSSD) enabling legislation and subsequent legislative action give WLSSD broad powers to provide wastewater treatment services and plan and provide for future growth in the service area.

The first time your home or commercial property is connected to the sanitary sewer, you will be charged a connection fee. Modifications that increase wastewater flow also requires a fee.

The Capacity Availability Fee (CAF) is a fee charged by WLSSD on all new sewer connections and construction projects that will result in expanded use of the sewer system. The CAF helps to meet the needs of future growth in the WLSSD service area by funding construction and maintenance of WLSSD’s sewer system. The CAF is typically paid at the time a building or plumbing permit application is submitted for new construction or remodeling.

Fees must be paid before permits will be issued by your city or town.

Capacity Allocation Fee Brochure 

A quick overview of the CAF fee explaining how it is derived and what types of work require a CAF determination.

Capacity Allocation Fee Manual 

A robust document detailing CAF and instructions for determining fees, including a worksheet to help guide users through the process. WLSSD staff conducts all commercial CAF determinations and makes final decisions on Capacity Availability Fees.