Financial Public Notification

WLSSD makes it’s financial information available annually to the public. Annual Budgets and Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports are available here.

WLSSD wastewater services are funded through fees paid by users of the sewer system.  Approximately half of the wastewater treated by WLSSD comes from directly-connected industrial customers and the remaining half comes from residents and businesses who are connected through sewer systems in their communities. Residents and businesses are not typically connected directly into WLSSD’s system, and do not directly pay WLSSD for services.  They pay sewer fees through their communities, who subsequently pay WLSSD for the wastewater treatment services used by the community as a whole.

Solid waste services are funded through fees on services at WLSSD’s various facilities, various grants and through the Solid Waste Management Fee.

WLSSD Solid Waste Management Fee Fact Sheet – 2019

Current Financial Information

NOTICE: Information in these financial documents have not been updated for developments subsequent to issuance.

2019 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2018 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2020 Budget

To receive paper copies of these reports, contact WLSSD at (218) 722-3336.

Historical Information

NOTICE: The following documents contain dated information and are provided for historical reference only.

2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2017 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2017 Budget

2018 Budget

2019 Budget