Food waste recycling reduces waste

Leftover food and food-soiled paper don’t belong in a landfill. Still-edible food can go to community feeding programs and inedible food scraps make great compost when mixed with yard trimmings.

WLSSD operates a year-round organics composting facility where food waste from businesses, institutions, and residents is turned into Garden Green® Compost, a high quality soil amendment. Nutrients from the food scraps are recycled to build healthy soil, grow more food, and help flowers and trees flourish instead of being wasted and buried in a landfill.

Food Waste Recycling For Residents

Food Waste Recycling for Businesses

Large-scale Composting at WLSSD

Make your special event Waste-Free

Use WLSSD’s Waste-free Party Kit  to collect food waste at special events like weddings, family reunions, and holiday gatherings. It’s free— just call 218-722-3336 to reserve a kit.