Wastewater & Solid Waste Services

A Proper Place for Everything that Goes “Away”

Western Lake Superior Sanitary District provides wastewater services and solid waste oversight for a 530-square mile service area, including the communities of Duluth, Cloquet, Proctor, and Hermantown and surrounding communities. Everything that goes “away” has a proper place in our community–whether it is flushed down a drain, tossed in the trash, or recycled.


How do I get rid of this stuff, and then what happens to it?


What and where to recycle, and why it makes sense.

Yard Waste

Disposal options for leaves, brush and more.

Food Waste

Harness the power of food scraps through composting.

Hazardous Waste

Disposal options for unwanted chemicals that don’t belong down the drain or in the trash.


Learn how wastewater (sewage) is collected, treated and returned to the St. Louis River.


Recycle nutrients with Field Green® agricultural soil amendment and fertilizer.