Wastewater & Solid Waste Authority

WLSSD is responsible for the effective wastewater and solid waste management within its legislative boundaries.  In order to carry out its purpose defined in WLSSD’s enabling legislation, the Minnesota Legislature assigned the WLSSD Board of Directors the functions of planning, operating and regulating.

Documents outlining the legal purpose and authority of the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District, and regulations about specific subject matter within the WLSSD boundaries. This list is may not be inclusive of all regulations, please contact us for specific requests.

WLSSD’s Enabling Legislation

Industrial Pretreatment Ordinance (2016)

WLSSD Fats, Oils & Grease Ordinance

WLSSD Inflow and Infiltration Ordinance

WLSSD Solid Waste Ordinance (2018)

Transported Liquid Waste Ordinance (2019)

WLSSD Solid Waste Management Plan (2013)

WLSSD Comprehensive Wastewater Plan (2016)

Capacity Allocation Ordinance (2017)

Model Ordinance – Certificate of Inflow and Infiltration Compliance