Education & Outreach at WLSSD

WLSSD provides resources, technical assistance, and on-site outreach as part of our mission to protect and preserve the St. Louis River and reduce waste sent to local landfills.

Reducing Waste

Tips and resources for schools, event planners, businesses and residents to reduce trash sent to the landfill.

Pollution Prevention

Learn about protecting and preserving our land and waters by preventing pollution before it occurs. Mercury, medicines, chemicals in our homes and garages, burning garbage, and lawn care all have potential to cause problems in our environment. Learn to reduce your impact and protect our water quality.

Home Composting

Harness the power of food scraps and yard waste to produce your own soil amendment, right in your backyard!

For Teachers

Add a local flare to environmental lessons. Find lesson plans, activities and useful links for solid waste and recycling and wastewater treatment.


Visit our facilities for a boots-on-the-ground view of wastewater treatment and solid waste disposal in the region. Tours can include one or more facilities.