Close the Loop: Compost!

Composting relies on the natural “recycling” process of decomposition, but speeds it along by creating optimum working conditions for the microorganisms dining on the food scraps and yard waste in your compost pile. Mixing the right kinds of materials in the proper ratio and providing adequate air and water for the microorganisms yields great results.

Step-by-step instructions on how to compost:

How to compost your organic waste

Building plans for backyard compost bins

More information for gardeners:

WLSSD Yard Waste Compost Site

Using Compost

Got meat, fish, & dairy scraps? Bring them to our food waste drop sites

Need one-on-one help?

Email your composting questions to WLSSD

Call the WLSSD hotline @ 218-722-0761

Can’t compost in your yard?

Bring us your food scraps and yard waste. We’ll compost it at our organics composting facility and turn it into Garden GreenĀ® Compost!