Sewer Extensions/Modifications: Changing the Sewer Line

Extensions, additions or modifications to the wastewater collection system within the WLSSD service area typically require a WLSSD Sanitary Sewer Extension Permit and a Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) Sanitary Sewer Extension or Modification Permit. Applications for these permits must first be submitted to WLSSD for review and consideration by the WLSSD staff and Board of Directors. If the application is approved by the WLSSD Board, it is forwarded to the MPCA for further review. If the application is incomplete it will not be considered and will be returned.

 Application Process:

  1. Fill out a Sanitary Sewer Extension Application Form. Answer each question completely and provide as much information as possible. Extra sheets may be attached if necessary.
  2. Attach maps, photos and/or other materials that will assist in the review process.
  3. Submit application at least 10 days prior to a scheduled WLSSD Planning Committee Meeting. Contact us for schedule.

Links & documents needed to complete the application process:

MPCA Sewer Extension Website

Resolution 03-21 Minimum Standards for Design, Construction & Inspection

Design & Construction Standards

WLSSD Sanitary Sewer Extension Permit Application

For more information, contact the WLSSD Planning Department at (218) 722-3336.