Materials Recovery Center Closed for Repairs 7/9-7/10

We’re fixing what road folks call “blisters” in the roads at the Materials Recovery Center. That’s why we’re closed Tuesday-Wednesday, July 9-10, 2019.

We have options for your solid waste needs during the closure. In fact, they are good options any time. Here they are:

(218) 628-3880

Normandy Roll-off & Disposal
(218) 428-9586

VONCO V/Veit Landfill
(218) 626-2242

Core Advantage-AA Rolloff
(715) 394-4285

Superior (Moccasin Mike) Landfill
(715) 398-7222

Duluth Landfill Superior
(715) 392-1889

It was getting awfully bumpy where everybody drives at the MRC. So bumpy that it was more than an inconvenience for our employees and the public using the facility. It best if our trash, recyclables and reusables don’t bounce out of our vehicles, eh?

These repairs will do more than smooth things over, so to speak. Our contractors are digging into the ground and fixing drainage issues that caused “blisters.” (Clearly, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill holes).

We didn’t want to do this work this time of year because it is pretty busy now. But the spring weather – you remember the rain and cold, right? – delayed everything until we had no choice. Sorry about that!

We’ll be open for regular business again on Thursday, July 11.