No Time to Waste? Finding Disposal Options is as easy as 1-2-3

It’s our aim to provide great customer service while providing convenient and affordable options for residents to dispose of materials that are often difficult to manage. Some wastes can be hazardous to human health and the natural environment, so we appreciate that community members rely on our popular facilities for proper disposal as they manage their busy lives.

Customer convenience is important, and we review our operations to ensure safety, effectiveness and efficiency while meeting the varied needs of the people in our area. We do our best, but also realize that WLSSD hours, locations and types of services won’t be convenient for everyone.

Wait times can be a frustration for customers during our busier times, especially when combined with the modified procedures in place to limit exposure to the coronavirus.

Staff are working hard to implement additional ways to provide customers information on what to expect. At WLSSD’s Materials Recovery Center, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays have been the best days to deliver material, with afternoons generally being the slowest time of day.  You can take this into account when planning a visit.

What can you do if our facility hours and services don’t work with your schedule? The good news is—depending on the materials you have for disposal—there are other local facilities with hours or locations that may better suit your needs. Finding these resources is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. WLSSD’s disposal guide (available 24/7 at allows you to search by waste type and provides you with disposal options in our region.
  2. Search online for waste drop-off locations, dumpster rentals and junk pickup services in your area. Be sure to contact these businesses in advance to check what types of wastes they can accept and find out when they are open (or when they can come to you in some cases). Here is a pretty comprehensive list:

(218) 628-3880

Normandy Roll-off & Disposal
(218) 428-9586

Twin Ports Trailer Trash
(218) 206-7225

VONCO V/Veit Landfill
(218) 626-2242

Core Advantage-AA Rolloff
(715) 394-4285

Superior (Moccasin Mike) Landfill
(715) 398-7222

Duluth Landfill Superior
(715) 392-1889

Your garbage hauler may also have options for you.

  1. Our helpful staff can provide you with information about proper disposal options. Staff is available Monday-Friday from 8-4:30 at 218-722-3336.

We’re proud to provide safe, reliable waste disposal options and positive experiences. Working together to properly manage wastes, we can care for our beautiful region.

Current 5/2020