Speak to Me, WLSSD

We get it, wastewater and solid waste services are not everyone’s favorite topic. But we love it, and it turns out you probably have a zillion questions about where things go when they “go away.”

Let us help you out! WLSSD Environmental Programs staff provide technical assistance and outreach programs for all kinds of groups: businesses, school Green Teams, Scout troops, faith communities, senior citizen clubs, early childhood education programs… you name it, we’ve got you covered.

We can tailor our talks to suit your needs. Typically, we like to have at least seven participants and the group needs to meet within our service area. We can come to you, or you can join us at WLSSD for a tour or a talk. Topics include recycling, wastewater treatment, and solid waste services like hazardous waste disposal. Learn more our Education web page.

Inevitably, its waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy more fun than you expect, and there’s no charge.

Don’t believe me? Soak up the love in these comments, submitted by our unofficial fan club:

“It was very interesting to learn how our waste water & solids are treated. And, also about better recycling practices.”— Duluth Professional

“The WLSSD tour made me really appreciate living in a community like Duluth where we care about clean water!”— Duluth Professional

“[I remember our tour of] WLSSD – The smell. Just kidding. The extent of science and investment that went into that area.” —Duluth Professional

“I can’t believe there’s bugs that eat food and leaves and make dirt. That was so cool.” — Girl Scout, age 7

“That was stinky but super fun.”—  Student, age 9

“[WLSSD staff] have such an ability to make poop and garbage interesting!” —Parent, Early Childhood Family Education

Send education inquires to info@wlssd.com or give us a call (218)722-3336.