Waste Free Party Kits for Small Events

Large Event Recycling Requirements

Recycling services are required by local ordinances at public events with 100 or more attendees. Events usually generate the same recyclables found at home: bottles, cans, jugs, jars and cardboard.

  • Public venues such as school or community centers may already have recycling containers on site, so extra containers may not be needed.
  • Confirm that trash and recycling services are included in your rental agreement and request or provide additional recycling containers if the venue does not have them.
  • Local waste haulers service many large events; they provide labeled carts and dumpsters for recycling and trash collection.
  • Set up waste stations in strategic locations where recycling and trash are generated at the venue.
  • Each waste station should have two clearly labeled carts: one recycling, one trash.

Adding Organics Recycling to Your Event

Take advantage of WLSSD’s nearby organics composting facility by going “all-compostable”. Food scraps and compostable materials kept separate from regular trash can be composted rather than landfilled. Successful organics recycling at large events requires advanced planning.

  • Food vendor contracts should require use of certified compostable goods.
  • An additional cart is needed at each waste station to collect food scraps and other compostable items.
  • The waste hauling contract should include dedicated carts for collecting compostable items and an organics recycling dumpster.
  • WLSSD staff can provide help in planning for organics recycling at your event and guidance in obtaining certified compostable materials that are accepted at our composting facility.