WLSSD Provides Details of Emergency Flood-Debris Removal Program

Duluth, MN–To further flood clean-up efforts in the area, the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District (WLSSD) will launch an Emergency Curbside Flood Debris Removal Program beginning Friday, June 29, 2012.

Details of the Emergency Curbside Flood Debris Removal Program are as follows:

All areas in the St. Louis County portion of the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District will be serviced by the Emergency Curbside Flood Debris Removal Program, including the cities of Duluth, Hermantown, Proctor and the townships of Rice Lake, Lakewood, Canosia, Grand Lake, Duluth Township, Solway and Midway.

The collection is intended for the removal of flood-damaged debris in order to protect public health and safety.  Other materials left at the curb will not be collected and must be disposed of by individual residents.

The collection will be on-going for three weeks through July 19.  Materials will be picked up at least once each week from all neighborhoods.  A commercial garbage hauler or other business will collect properly sorted flood-damaged debris placed curbside.  Materials that are not separated will not be picked up.

Residents moving materials to the curb must separate waste into four categories for curbside collection: electronics, large appliances, vegetative debris and bulky household debris.  Debris must not be placed in the roadway.

Food waste and other household trash should be placed in regular garbage bins and set at the curb on normal collection days for regular garbage service collection. Regular garbage service will operate as usual.  Kitchen waste and other regular household trash will not be picked up in this special collection.  Residents may not place household hazardous waste (paints, stains, chemicals, pesticides, automotive fluids, etc.) on the curb.  These materials must be brought to WLSSD’s Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 27th Avenue West or through July 19 only to the Materials Recovery Center on Rice Lake Road.

Commercial companies will collect debris from neighborhoods at least once a week beginning Friday, June 29.  Each neighborhood will be serviced at least once each week. Due to the enormity of the flood damage, a specific day cannot be designated for collection. Commercial trucks will be used for the collection, and different companies will be picking up different categories of wastes.  These pickups will likely occur on different days. Vegetative debris will not be picked up until the final week of the collection.

Last day for curbside collection of flood-damaged debris is July 19.  Materials for pickup must be placed outside for pickup by Thursday, July 12.  No pickup service will be available after July 19.

The Western Lake Superior Sanitary District provides regional solid waste services for northeastern Minnesota and operates it wastewater treatment plant in Lincoln Park-Duluth.


Graphic included with news release.