Industrial Pretreatment Program

Industry & Business: Our Clean Water Partners

As the regional wastewater authority, WLSSD is charged with the protection of the St. Louis River through safe and efficient treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater.

Major and/or significant industrial contributors are permitted under the WLSSD Industrial Pretreatment Program. The Program meets the requirements set forth by the US Environmental Protection Agency’s National Pretreatment Program and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

WLSSD requires permit holders to:

  • Participate in routine monitoring by WLSSD
  • self-monitor and report
  • participate in on-site inspections

The Program aims to prevent pollutants from entering the wastewater system that may interfere with normal operations or contaminate the end products of wastewater treatment. Some pollutants cannot be adequately treated through biological wastewater treatment and could pass through the process into the river water.

What Can & Can’t Go Down the Drain

The 2016 Industrial Pretreatment Ordinance sets forth requirements for all wastewater dischargers in the WLSSD service area. WLSSD also works with residents on pollution prevention  initiatives.

Industries that send a large volume of sewage into the WLSSD system need a pretreatment permit to ensure that the treatment plant can accept the volume and strength of the waste produced by the industrial facility. Some industries, like hospitals, metal plating shops, paper production, or chemical manufacturing may use materials in everyday practice that could cause problems at the treatment plant if not managed properly, even if they discharged to the plant in small amounts. Industries that meet Federal Categorical Pretreatment Standards are required to obtain a wastewater discharge permit with WLSSD. Periodic reporting is required as described in the Code of Federal Regulations 40, sec.403.6 (b) and in the WLSSD Industrial Pretreatment Ordinance.

For more information about obtaining an industrial wastewater discharge permit or reporting requirements, contact the WLSSD Industrial Pretreatment Program at (218)722-3336.