Solid Waste & Recycling Resources for Teachers


WLSSD’s “Think Before You Throw” (19:29) is an engaging overview of the three Rs: Reduce Reuse and Recycle. Learn to properly manage and reduce waste in the home–keeping our homes and communities clean and safe, while conserving valuable resources for future generations. Covers waste reduction, recycling, food and yard waste, composting, managing hazardous and problem wastes.

Lesson Plans + Kits

Contact us to borrow lesson plans and accompanying kits to encourage waste reduction.

Electromagnet Activity (Gr. 4)

Hector the Collector (Gr. K-3)

Landfill Legacy (all grade levels)

Model Citizen (Gr. 4-6)

Recycled Products presentation (all grade levels)

Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout (Gr. K-2)

“What’s Our Waste” Waste sort kit (Gr. 9-12)


WLSSD offers solid waste tours onsite at 2626 Courtland Street (Household Hazardous Waste facility, Garbage Transfer Station, and Yard Waste Organics Composting Site) and onsite tours of WLSSD’s Materials Recovery Center (off Rice Lake Road, Duluth) for groups of all ages. See Tours for complete information on group size, scheduling, and descriptions of tours, plus requirements to keep you safe and happy on your adventure.

Setting Up or Revving Up Your School Recycling Program

WLSSD’s school recycling program offers technical assistance and signage to help area schools divert recyclables and organic waste from the landfill, see our Reducing Waste at Schools page and contact us to find out what resources may be available for your school.

Area schools with the greatest success tend to have a dedicated group of facilities managers, educators, and parents, all working together to maintain a consistent program over time.