Wastewater Resources for Teachers

Wastewater Treatment at WLSSD Video

“Return to the River: Restoring Clean Water,” a 19-minute video produced by WLSSD. Watching the video requires the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

WLSSD staff can visit your classroom for presentations.

Wastewater Relay

Teams of students compete relay-style to “clean” their stream of wastewater, following the flow into the treatment plant with students acting out processes as they are on the run. This fun, very active presentation cannot be done in a classroom but is easily accommodated in a gym, maximum 30 students, 30-40 minutes.  Most appropriate for grades 2-4 but can be adapted.

River Rangers “Waterdrop” Program

Students follow “Wally the Water Drop” through the water cycle all the way to the treatment plant and beyond, exploring wastewater treatment through large drawings, costumes, and storytelling. Can be presented in a typical classroom, maximum 30 students, 30-40 minutes. Most appropriate for grades 4-8.

Check out the lesson plan and complete kit from the Great Lakes Aquarium Teacher Resource Center if you’d like to present the materials yourself!


WLSSD offers tours of the wastewater treatment plant. See Tours for complete information on group size, scheduling, and descriptions of tours, plus requirements to keep you safe and happy on your adventure.

Favorite Links for Local Water + Wastewater Education and Data

Great Lakes Aquarium Teacher Resource Center, Duluth MN

Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve , Superior, WI

Lake Superior Streams, Duluth MN

Rivers2Lake WELL: Watershed Educators Learning Link (a program of the Lake Superior NERR), Superior, WI