Disposal for Businesses

All businesses must have garbage disposal services. Businesses and industries in the WLSSD region can choose the hauler that suits their garbage and recycling needs. Garbage haulers are licensed and required to offer specific options for garbage and recycling services.

WLSSD Solid Waste Ordinance outlines requirements for businesses and other non-residential entities; contact us with questions or for technical assistance, including waste audits, to meet your waste reduction goals.

Reducing Waste in Business

Tips and contacts for general office waste reduction plus reusing, recycling or re-purposing specialized wastes.

Managing Banned Items and Bulky Wastes

Some items are banned from the garbage and need to be managed differently. Small amounts of appliances or electronics used in daily operations (like a break room television or a computer at an accounting firm) or  can be recycled for a fee at the Materials Recovery Center.  Review the Business Guide to the MRC to see item limits.

There are also local licensed options for larger scale electronics recycling. Businesses wishing to recycle large amounts of electronics are encouraged to contact licensed electronics recyclers directly. Hazardous wastes may be managed through WLSSD’s Clean Shop program or other hazardous waste hauling services in the region. Contact us for information and advice about how to properly manage other wastes.