Using the Materials Recovery Center

Open for drop-offs only – the Reuse Area remains closed (no shopping at this time).

WLSSD’s Materials Recovery Center (MRC) is a facility where residents and businesses can recycle or dispose of many wastes. It is WLSSD’s goal to reuse, recycle or recover as much material as possible, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills.

The MRC is a self-service facility. Visitors stop first at the gatehouse where WLSSD staff assesses each load and calculates the fee for services. Visitors then drive to the appropriate recycling, reuse or disposal “station” for each waste and unload their items.

Materials accepted and recycled free of charge

Materials accepted for a fee

Mixed waste, includes recoverable or reusable items, $22/cubic yard

  • Household junk (e.g. broken furniture, old carpeting, unrecoverable textiles)
  • Mixed construction & demolition loads (i.e. lumber, brick, concrete, plastic sheeting, shingles)
  • Clean concrete (no rebar or embedded materials)
  • Small engines (must have all fluids drained out)
  • Selected furniture, yard equipment, bikes, and other reusable items (as determined by MRC staff)

Brush, $10/cubic yard

Pallets & Clean Wood, $10/cubic yard


  • dry pieces $13/each
  • wet pieces $15/each


  • 1 microwave recycled FREE per day
  • $5 each
  • Businesses limit of 10 per day. Items must be used to support daily operations; appliance retailers or repair shops are not eligible for this service at the MRC.


  • 4 passenger or pickup tires recycled free per day
  • $3 each for additional passenger or pickup tires, other prices apply for larger tires
  • Businesses limit of 20 per day, must be used to support daily operations; auto mechanics or tire retailers are not eligible for this service at the MRC.


  • FREE: Small electronics and rechargeable batteries
  • $2 each: CPU, fax, printer, laptop, ,tablet, automatic external defibrillator (AED)
  • $9 each: TV, monitor and other with display screens 19″ and smaller
  • $12 each: TV, monitor over 19″
  • $15 each: TV, monitor over 40″
  • Businesses limit of 5 per day. Items must be used to support daily operations; electronics retailers or repair centers are not eligible for this service at the MRC.
  • Business pricing for categories listed above, respectively: FREE, $5 each, $12 each, $18 each, $25 each

Recyclables from Businesses:

  • Limit three cubic yards per visit; rural businesses without curbside recycling services available are eligible. Other businesses must contract for recycling service with a licensed hauler.
  • $10 per yard for cardboard

WLSSD accepts cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards.

Not Accepted:

Household garbage, household hazardous waste, leaves or yard waste material

Reuse Area remains closed

Items that can be reused are placed in the MRC Reuse Area. MRC staff determines whether an item is appropriate for the Reuse Area. MRC customers can take these items (2 daily) at no charge, reducing the need for landfills. The Reuse Area is open during regular MRC hours and closes 15 minutes prior to the close of the MRC; check out the MRC Reuse Area Rules for complete details.

Garden Green Compost

Bagged Garden Green® compost is available for sale at the MRC.

Licensed Haulers & Recyclers

The MRC is a self-service facility designed for use by residents and small commercial customers.  Our region is also home to many businesses licensed to collect, haul or recycle general or specialized wastes.