Disposal for Residents

There are many options for curbside garbage and recycling service in the WLSSD service area. Residents in the WLSSD region can choose the waste hauler that suits their garbage and recycling needs. Self hauling, or the transport of municipal solid waste (MSW, or everyday items we use and then throw away: product packaging, food scraps, “disposables” of all kinds) is prohibited in the District. Residents must use a trash hauling service.

The Materials Recovery Center provides residents with a disposal option for bulky items or demolition debris that do not fit into the garbage can; the Household Hazardous Waste facility provides a disposal option for wastes like chemicals, solvents, pesticides, and paint products.

WLSSD’s Yard Waste Compost Site offers residents a disposal option for brush and branches, leaves, grass clippings, garden waste and other vegetative materials.

Licensed Haulers

Waste haulers are carefully licensed and required to offer specific options for garbage and recycling services; many also offer curbside services for demolition debris, bulky item removal, and more. Inquire with individual haulers for services and rates.

Reduce Waste

Find resources to help you maximize your time, space and money while recycling, composting yard waste, composting food waste, or selling or donating reusable goods.