Drop-off Instructions for Facilities offering FREE Recycling

Recycling as easy as 1-2-3 at the Materials Recovery Center (MRC)

Now, you can sort household recyclables brought to the MRC into just three groups: containers, mixed paper and corrugated cardboard.

  • Container recycling includes jars, bottles and cans made from glass, plastic and metal. This includes plastic bottles tubs, jugs, jars and lids; glass bottles & jars (any color), and metal food & beverage cans. These can all be mixed together—no additional sorting is required!
  • Mixed paper includes newspapers, cereal boxes, soda cases, office paper, junk mail, etc. This paper can all be mixed and recycled together.
  • Corrugated cardboard (boxes and packaging with a ripple between two smooth layers) is the third sorting category. Look for recycling bins for cardboard in several convenient locations at the MRC.

This 3-sort system will help you spend less time sorting materials at home, save space for recycling bins and help make your recycling drop-off easier and faster! If your recycling is picked up at your curb, check with your hauler about current sorting guidelines. Learn about other services offered at the MRC.

Rural Recycling Drop-off Sites

Rural recycling drop-off sites offer convenient recycling services for rural residents in the WLSSD service area. Recyclable material may be dropped off during open hours free of charge. These locations use a 2-sort system—cardboard and mixed paper/containers. Plastic film bags that are clean and dry can also be recycled in a separate cart.


Canosia Town Hall reopens Tuesday, May 19

Duluth Town Hall  

Fredenberg Art Welter Recycling Center reopens Wednesday, May 27

Grand Lake Recycling Site

Lakewood Town Hall reopens Wednesday, May 13

Midway Town Hall

North Star Fire Hall

7700 Pequaywan Lake Rd
Open Saturday 9 a.m. to Noon

Rice Lake City Hall

Solway Town Hall reopens Saturday, May 9