Recycling for Businesses

Businesses located within the WLSSD are required to recycle by State laws and local ordinances. Failure to recycle may result in penalties for your business.  Recycling is not only the right thing to do, it’s also the law.

Recycling can be cost-effective. State and local taxes and fees are charged by the amount of garbage you produce, but not on recycling. When you remove recycling from the trash, you’ll pay less in
garbage taxes and fees.

Recycling saves natural resources and conserves energy by reusing valuable materials.

Recycling reduces the amount of waste that goes to landfills. Landfills are costly and are filling fast with materials that will stay put for generations.


What to Recycle


  • Bottles, tubs, jugs, and jars
  • Caps and lids may be included


  • Food and beverage containers

Aluminum and metal

  • Food and beverage cans

Paper and cardboard

  •  Paper of any color
  •  Mail and envelopes
  •  Cardboard boxes
  • Magazines and catalogs
  • Newspapers


Tips for Recycling in Your Workplace

  • Place recycling bins next to waste containers so it’s easy for customers and employees to make the right choice.
  • Provide recycling in lunch/break rooms, meeting areas, copy/resource rooms, and at all work stations.
  • Label “recycling” and “trash” bins with visible signage. Bin labels eliminate confusion and ensure that recyclables don’t end up in the trash.
  • Adjust your waste services to fit your needs. Recycling takes up a lot of space in trash bins. As your recycling increases, your trash will decrease. Smaller containers or less frequent pickup service may be needed.
  • Laws require you to recycle aluminum, steel and tin cans, cardboard, paper including magazines and newspapers, plastic bottles and jugs, and glass bottles and jars.
  • Your garbage hauler may accept additional materials.
  • Involve key staff including owners, supervisors and maintenance when designing a new program.
  • Inform all employees about recycling requirements at your business or organization.


Recycling Resources

  • Your garbage hauler can provide information about available recycling services and options.
  • Businesses without available recycling services may use the WLSSD Materials Recovery center for a fee.
  • Minnesota Waste Wise (a program of the MN Chamber of Commerce) provides consulting services to help businesses save money through waste reduction, resource conservation and energy efficiency 651-292-4650.
  • WLSSD can provide assistance to improve recycling and reduce waste. Contact us to learn more.